Recruitment, Assessment, Selection, and Training (RAST)

The following examples illustrate Wexford experience, expertise, dedication, and core capabilities.

Customer Request

Wexford was asked to help recruit, assess, and select candidates capable of performing in operational advisory positions and training others to work in ambiguous and dangerous environments.


The client did not have a process to select employees who were able to meet the specific characteristics required of the positions. They needed people who could identify and close capability gaps and exploit vulnerabilities, to mitigate and defeat emerging threats. Since these threats were not covered by any existing policy, tactic, or procedures, the client required personnel who could rapidly create new and appropriate solutions

Wexford Solution

Wexford provided the client a comprehensive recruiting, assessment, and selection process to identify the skills, traits, and characteristics needed by persons recruited to solve problems in uncertain environments. Wexford helped establish standards to detect suitable candidates through a unique hiring method, and then helped the client select the best-qualified candidates to attend the formal assessment and selection process.

Project Results

Wexford continues to successfully design, maintain, and support a unique recruiting, assessment, selection, and training program tailored to meet changing client requirements.