Program Management: Loss of Contract

The following examples illustrate Wexford experience, expertise, dedication, and core capabilities.

Customer Request

A large Department of Defense contractor asked Wexford to help figure out why they had lost a follow-on contract bid.


The company had for many years developed and fielded a specific item to the U.S. Army infantry. Losing the re-compete was a great shock, with financial repercussions and considerable professional embarrassment.

Wexford Solution

A multi-disciplinary group of Wexford consultants addressed the problem. They reviewed the company’s proposal and the Government de-brief, listened to the program management team, and interviewed key personnel “one-on-one” at the company’s field facility location. Based on the team’s extensive background in military operations and combat development, Wexford gathered first-hand data and analyzed the whole situation from an unbiased third party perspective.

Project Results

Wexford concluded that the company, despite an adequate product, was out of touch with the user customer and relied too heavily on advice from Government technical leads. Based on the analysis, the company took Wexford recommendations, and hired appropriate personnel in the correct locations to better track actual user needs as well as programmatic requirements.