Program Management: Helping the Integrated Product Team (IPT)

The following examples illustrate Wexford experience, expertise, dedication, and core capabilities.

Customer Request

A Department of Defense weapon accessory program enlisted Wexford’s help to create and then document defensible reasons behind some of its operational decisions.


The established Integrated Product Team (IPT) included many participants who had little documentation to support input about their specific components. They needed education on the program as a whole, and their parts therein.

Wexford Solution

Wexford developed, administered, and analyzed a short survey directed specifically toward the user community. The survey covered Weapons, Ammunition, Reticles, Accessories and Mounts, and “What’s hot? and what’s not?”

Wexford tallied, graphed, and reported the results in a format that reflected user needs and benefited decision makers at each acquisition level. Areas included accessory mounts, product improvement on primary day optics, and decisions about open market procurement (unit or personal funds) of commercially purchased items.

Project Results

The client used Wexford’s report to defend IPT programmatic decisions and educate new IPT members, providing information on the background of recent operational decisions.