Operations and Intelligence Fusion

The following examples illustrate Wexford experience, expertise, dedication, and core capabilities.

Customer Request

Military units face expanding threats from violent extremist networks and insurgent elements employing improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Units receiving Army all-source intelligence products often lacked the ability to apply the information effectively. Wexford was enlisted to train units to exploit their intelligence packages, and assist in design and execution of operations/ intelligence fusion driven operations.


The customer developed an extensive capability to collate vast amounts of information and provide fused, multi-source target support packages tailored for a unit’s specific battle space. However, units were often unaware of the capability and thus unable to leverage these packages effectively (if at all). As a result, the products were rarely incorporated into the operational planning process.

Wexford Solution

Wexford studied how units received and employed the data provided, and recognizing a lack of formal pre-deployment training, designed the Counter-IED Assistance Mission (CAM) to address the shortfall. The Wexford CAM Team then embedded with military units to demonstrate purpose-built tools to integrate fused intelligence information into unit planning processes.

The CAM Team participated in planning intelligence-driven operations to disrupt and defeat IED networks in the unit’s battle space. The CAM team provided lessons learned from these operations, and introduced these lessons into unit home station training to reduce “discovery learning” by units preparing to deploy. They also provided training in exploitation methods to support follow-on operations.

Project Results

Wexford’s CAM concept is now a formalized “best practice” employed throughout multiple units’ deployment lifecycles. When units receive CAM support prior to deployment they are significantly more effective in employing fused intelligence products upon arrival in theater. Units routinely conduct intelligence-driven operations applying the principles Wexford teaches throughout their counter-insurgency operational planning processes.