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NATO Multi-National Forces

The following example illustrates Wexford experience, expertise, dedication, and core capabilities.

Customer Request

NATO created a team to study the threat to NATO forces from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and to develop appropriate policy, doctrine, and training solutions. However, NATO organizations lacked assigned military personnel with the deep expertise and experience required to approach the problem from either specialist or holistic perspectives. They asked Wexford assistance.


Twenty-eight NATO nations and close to 43 International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Troop Contributing Nations operate in Afghanistan and other regions where IEDs present a significant threat. NATO nations have varying capabilities and approaches to the problem but NATO theater commanders expect contributing nation operational units and individuals to interoperate in the IED threat environment. In the absence of overarching Counter-IED doctrine and training standards, NATO sought a solution that considered the unique aspects and challenges of a multi-national organization, where single-nation derived approaches would not be helpful.

Wexford Solution

Wexford collaborated with another company to provide subject matter expertise in military operations in the IED environment, applying extensive experience and deep understanding of the operational environment to the unique political and military challenges facing NATO leadership. Wexford participated in member nation information exchange forums to understand existing technical and operational capabilities and limitations. Wexford helped define and prioritize critical capability gaps to develop Counter-IED doctrine and standards, and supported operational experimentation and pre-deployment training.

Project Results

NATO published Countering IEDs, the first “fast track” doctrine in NATO history. Wexford advisory and training support activities continue, with participation in training programs and exercises. Wexford supports implementation of the new doctrine and assists individual nations develop their own national C-IED training capabilities.