Our Approach

Remarkable People

Wexford succeeds through the strength of its workforce. We hire employees that are rewarding to work with, exceed performance expectations, and have a natural drive to succeed. We look for problems to solve rather than waiting to get asked the question. Wexford employees are self-disciplined problem solvers with exemplary professional reputations. Wexford employees consistently reflect a high degree of competence, judgment, integrity and character. Wexford employees:

  • Work and lead selflessly
  • Understand and respect clients and colleagues
  • Acknowledge reality, no matter how painful
  • Act with discipline and constraint
  • Look forward
  • Listen keenly; observe acutely
  • Take responsibility for their ideas
  • Maintain their composure
  • Take the time to think and self-reflect

Unique Selection Process

Wexford employees are chosen through a deliberate assessment and selection process that reveals:

  • People whose values fit our team
  • Depth in multiple skills
  • Drive to solve hard problems
  • Self discipline in thought and action
  • Respect and empathy for others
  • Exemplary professional reputations

 To ensure a good fit, Wexford candidates must pass a deliberate and scientifically based assessment and selection screening powered by a resume-free web-based application. Next follows a series of competency-based screenings and interviews with company senior leaders and subject matter experts. Typically, one in 20 candidates passes the first cut, and of those, only a small percentage successfully completes the second.

The Wexford Method

We believe the best way to predict future risk is to learn carefully from the past, generate the analytics to understand the present, and recognize when new risks must be mitigated. This process of looking forward allows us to understand when the means to address previous risks increase exposure to new risk. We do not rely on information we have only read about, or on polished briefings - our proprietary techniques derive from first-hand, on-site corporate and personal experiences.

Wexford’s observations, experiences, and expertise drive our consulting model and help Government clients prepare for and mitigate adverse circumstances and events. Our work is timely, and we tailor our consulting support to specific customers, based upon current threats and unique situations. We believe innovative solutions are just words unless meaningful results in outcomes, efficiencies, or both, underpin them. With Wexford services, clients become better prepared for the future and more confident in their ability to handle ambiguous situations involving personal and mission risk.