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Intelligence Specialists

Wexford intelligence analysts are carefully selected using the CACI-WGI Recruit, Assess, and Select (RAS) process. They are members of CACI's larger Intelligence Community of Practice and apply CACI's Tradecraft Tailored to Mission (T3M) framework. They are well versed in the operational/intelligence fusion process, have experience in supporting ground operations, and possess a keen understanding of improvised threats. Many of our analysts are former members of, or have extensive experience supporting, the Special Operations and Special Mission Units communities. A current TS/SCI security clearance is highly desirable.

Intelligence Integrator – JRTC (Fort Polk, LA)

As a Intelligence Integrator, you will provide threat mitigation and hybrid threat analysis/defeat scenario development and exercise support to the JRTC. You will focus on the unit training task list to allow for dynamic scripting, realistic and immersive support during exercise scenarios. This includes supporting 24 hours “In the Box” operations during training exercises..

Intelligence Analyst, JAST (Reston, VA)

As a Intelligence Analyst, you will provide embedded and reach back support to Improvised Threat and C-IED efforts and operations executed by committed war fighting units and partners. You will provide multi-intelligence analysis and fusion that integrates existing national-level products and databases to define patterns of threat and IED network activity and narrow the search space to conduct counter-threat and C-IED operations. As required, you will interact directly with the deployed intelligence consumer during the development of intelligence products to meet unit and subordinate element intelligence requests for information. As required, you will plan, develop, and deliver tailored intelligence capabilities and tools training to supported intelligence consumers and partners.

Strategic Peace & Reconciliation Analyst (Kabul, AFG)

As a Strategic Peace & Reconciliation Analyst, you’ll support US policymakers, military commanders, and their staff with research, briefings, and written assessments in support of peace and reconciliation efforts in Afghanistan.

Counter-Corruption Research Analyst/Advisor (Kabul, AFG)

As a Counter-Corruption Research & Analysis / Advisor works at the direction of the Deputy Director, Counter-Corruption Advisory Group, you will analyze intelligence and reporting for lead development and assist in the generation of Criminal Patronage Network, Corruption Narcotic Network, Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Defense requirements for all-source analysis, collection, or exploitation in support of counter corruption mission.

Counter Facilitation Intelligence Analyst, JAST (Reston, VA)

As a Counter Facilitation Intelligence Analyst, you will serve on a unique, multi-discipline team assisting IA and IC partners with fusing operations and intelligence information to enhance their efforts against threat networks that facilitate or employ improvised threats such as Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS).

Intelligence Integrator, SOFST (Reston, VA)

As an Intelligence Integrator, you will provide embedded and reach back support directly to SOF, developing intelligence products while coordinating the support packages provided to meet unit and subordinate element operational requirements. You will assist in developing processes that enhance SOF situational understanding of threat networks employing or facilitating improvised threats (such as IEDs) and enabling DOD, IA and IC efforts focused on dismantling, disrupting, and defeating those networks.

Irregular Warfare Analyst (Reston, VA)

As a Irregular Warfare Analyst, you will serve in both a deployed and reach back role, conducting irregular warfare analysis on threat networks that employ or facilitate the use of improvised threats such as Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). You will support SOF and conventional units in comprehending how irregular warfare threats are organized, manned, equipped, and sustained and provide intelligence support to policy makers, planners, and operational forces engaging these threats.